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Keynote Speeches 
Kathleen Flarity is a dynamic speaker who effortlessly captivates and energizes audiences. Kathleen has spent over four decades inspiring and empowering military leaders, building trust, earning respect, and motivating others to foster success. She is a renowned emergency/flight/military health care provider who brings a wealth of life’s lessons and experience into her seminars. In her resiliency seminars, she has a gift for clarifying life’s challenges, provides personal examples, and shares immediate actionable interventions. 

Consulting & Coaching

Kathleen provides individual and organizational leadership seminars that address the following:

  • Leading with resiliency and compassion
  • Succeeding professionally and personally with joy, purpose, and meaning
  • Developing an organizational culture that consistently succeeds rather than experiencing ongoing crisis  
  • Building a trusting, values-driven culture ​
  • Ensuring a shared vision of goals, understanding, and compassion
  • Developing and strengthening your leadership team
  • Creating dynamic teams and ensuring meaningful relationships
  • Making a meaningful difference in your own life, and the lives of others

Flarity Consulting, LLC

HealthCare, leadership Resiliency, research, Life Coach

Coach, Guide, Mentor

Find joy, purpose, and meaning in both your professional and personal life How to pursue your passion and discover wisdom, inner strength, discipline and determination Lead with calm, clarity, and compassion in the mist of chaos.

Healthy Employees, Healthy Bottom Line
There is growing evidence that the long term health of an organization’s bottom line, and the health of its employees, are aligned and should not be treated as separate. If this element is not addressed, a price will be paid both personally and collectively.
Challenging care giving experiences not only affect the lives of the care giver, but may also affect the lives of those who are close to them. Significant others, family members, friends and colleagues, may share in the negative effects of compassion fatigue. It is postulated that care givers with compassion fatigue may no longer be effective with patients, and their symptoms may interfere with providing empathetic care (Flarity, 2013; Dominguez-Gomez, 2009). Individually, we compromise our health and happiness.

The cost to the care giver may be financial such as loss of a job, or promotion, or emotional such as a divorce. The damage to the organization may be in the form of absenteeism, sick days, sub-optimal care, medication errors, the loss of return visits from patients and visitors or loss of referrals to the hospital as a result of that care (Flarity, Gentry & Mesnikoff, 2013). Inevitably, compassion fatigue will have an adverse effect on performance, moral, staff recruitment and talent retention (Hoffman, 2009). Currently, there is a worldwide nursing shortage, and those suffering from compassion fatigue may be more likely to leave the profession. The national average cost of replacing an experienced registered nurse is estimated between $30,000 and $145,000 (Cope, 2006). This represents a significant loss to health care organizations in terms of dollars and productivity. 

Health care organizations use various methods to measure their well-being including; employee engagement, patient satisfaction, staff turnover rate and absenteeism. Dr. Kathleen Flarity has published studies demonstrating the effectiveness of her multi-faceted education seminars to increase compassion satisfaction, and decrease the two components of compassion fatigue (burnout and secondary traumatic stress). Focusing on resiliency and wellness helps the fiscal bottom line of organizations. Contact Flarity Consulting at Kathleen.Flarity@uchealth.org to discuss a program for your organization.