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Dr. Flarity's compassion fatigue resiliency seminars, Passion in Practice©, and Leadership Resiliency training may be tailored to meet the needs of your organization. Her passion is palpable and her commitment as a leader and educator is evident in the seminars. The scientifically based programs will have a positive impact both professionally and personally on the participants who attend. Kathleen studied with renowned traumatologist Dr. Eric Gentry during his work on Compassion Fatigue, earning herself the title of Certified Compassion Fatigue Specialist. From Dr. Gentry’s foundational work, she has woven her six research studies and leadership experience into dynamic interventions that have been validated to be statistically significant in improving compassion satisfaction, and decreasing burnout and secondary traumatic stress in the participants who engaged in her seminars. Leadership skill and support are key elements in implementing a meaningful and lasting organizational cultural change. Leaders need to be able to see the iceberg before they hit it. If a leader is burned out and exhausted, it is much harder to see the dangers clearly or opportunities ahead. As an experienced military commander, some in remote locations, Kathleen has gained wisdom and insight in leading others and sharing her experience in her Leadership Resiliency Seminars. In the individualized Leadership Resiliency Seminars, leaders receive not only the foundation content that the clinical staff/employees receive, but also how leaders can support staff and lead the cultural transformation. Additionally, techniques and methods needed to maintain the cultural change are shared. The seminars are grounded in the scientific understanding of biological functioning, and methods of self-regulation. By recognizing the role of the sympathetic nervous system response within the leader and environment, leaders are able to calm themselves, decrease workplace anxiety, and promote a healthy, engaged workforce.    Dr. Kathleen Flarity teaches how to lead with calm, clarity, and compassion in the midst of chaos, and promotes ways that we can take care of ourselves and lead balanced, centered lives while making a positive difference in the world. Learn to live the lives you desire and deserve, not just the lives you settle for. Kathleen has a talent for clarifying life’s challenges, and provides personal examples and direct application of actionable interventions. 
Resiliency Training for 
healthcare providers
Healthcare organizations with their constant change, fiscal constraints, chaos, high patient acuity, workplace violence, prolonged patient holding, overcrowding, unrealistic patient expectations, trauma, and death can be challenging and emotionally draining on caregivers (Flarity, 2016, Dominguez-Gomez & Rutledge, 2009; Flarity, 2022). The existing data suggest that caregiving can take an emotional, physical, professional, and relational toll upon care providers (Figley, 2002; Gentry, Baggerly, & Baranowsky, 2010). The cumulative effects of secondary trauma (exposure to other people’s distress and suffering) and the aforementioned work environment may lead to emotional withdrawal, a lack of empathy, or a total collapse on the part of healthcare providers (Gentry et al., 2020). Healthcare providers are at risk for experiencing compassion fatigue (CF) symptoms such as avoidance, hyperarousal, physical symptoms, and sleep disturbances due to the nature of their work. Dr. Kathleen Flarity has conducted six studies demonstrating the effectiveness of her multi-faceted education seminars to increase compassion satisfaction, and decrease the two components of compassion fatigue (burnout and secondary traumatic stress). Contact Flarity Consulting at Kathleen.Flarity@uchealth.org to discuss a program for your organization.
Resiliency Training for leaders
Positive Cultural Transformation
Kathleen has spent over four decades inspiring and empowering military leaders; building trust, earning respect, and motivating others to foster success. She has the experience and skills to help your organization achieve excellence.
Kathleen Flarity DNP, PhD, CEN, CFRN, FAEN, FAANis the President and Founder of Flarity Consulting, LLC. Numerous esteemed organizations have employed her expertise on leadership consulting and resiliency mentoring. Her seminars are transformational for healthcare providers and she specialize in leader resiliency education. 

Dr. Flarity is a Research Nurse Scientist with UCHealth, the Deputy Director of the CU Anschutz Center for COMBAT Research, an experienced nurse practitioner, and an emergency and critical care flight nurse. Brigadier General Flarity has over 41 years of military service, including multiple deployments and commands. Additionally, she is the Immediate Past President of the Aerospace Nursing and Allied Health Professionals Society, and is an Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine in the School of Medicine, University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus. She has delivered hundreds of national/international invited lectures and keynote addresses, and has published 17 book chapters, and 38 journal articles, including 19 peer-reviewed research manuscripts. Dr. Kathleen Flarity is an innovative, transformational leader. In her resiliency seminars, she has a gift for clarifying life’s challenges, providing personal illustrations and sharing evidence based immediate actionable interventions.
Her passion is palpable and her commitment as a servant leader is evident in her seminars.

Lead with Calm, clarity and compassion

Caregiver Resiliency training individually tailored to meet the needs of your organization:

  • Create dynamic teams and ensure meaningful relationships
  •  Make a meaningful difference in your own lives and the lives of others
  • ​Find joy, purpose, and meaning in both your professional and personal life

Resiliency Training for
​EMS/Police/Air Medical
Dr. Kathleen Flarity has experience as an EMT, civilian air medical transport, and in military Aeromedical Evacuation. She has flown more than 50 medical evacuation missions in combat, and has commanded evacuation teams in combat. She has provided emergency and resiliency training to EMS and facilitated resiliency training for 911 dispatchers.
EMS Resiliency training can be tailored to meet the needs of your organization: Fire, Police, Ground or Air Medical Transport, and more.  Additionally, Resiliency training can be combined with other Emergency/Trauma update or certification classes. Refer to Education page for more details or contact Flarity Consulting at Kathleen.Flarity@uchealth.org to discuss a program for your organization.